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Our Customers' Words
"Dan, I'm speechless! You and your team did an amazing job with our cottage. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would be happy to be a reference should you need another. Again, thank you!"
 - Cathy

"We have known each other for awhile so I think I can say this.  You are an important asset to the historical preservation of this Town. Utterly reliable and fair."
- M.C., Castine

"I was down at the place on Wednesday night and everything looks great. I was especially impressed with how that old screen porch turned out. I was actually thinking of tearing it down, but now it looks too good. Thanks for the continuing help. . ."
 - Joe

"Thank you, Dan, for your thoroughly professional and sensitive approach to this job!"
- R.S., Sargentville, ME

"Dan, just got back from Maine & was very pleased to inspect the house. Looks great! Thanks."
 - Jim

"Thanks, Dan. Everything looks great! Meg and Ian say the ceilings look fantastic. Thanks so much!"
 - Paul

"Dan, Thank you for getting it done!!"
 - Margaret

"Dan, Many thanks for a job well done...I will certainly recommend you to future customers."
 - James S.

"Good morning Dan! The decks at the house look great-thank you!"
 - M

"Many thanks Dan. Have a good winter. See you next summer."
 - H

"Dan, Thanks for all your good work."
 - S.E.

"Thanks for your careful work, Dan."
 - Meg

"Thank you for a job well done! We are impressed with the great work you have accomplished, even in dreadful weather."
 - M. R., Surry

"Hello Dan, The Governing Board of the Universal Unitarian Congregation of Castine asked me to forward our deepest appreciation for your fine work over the past three years. I have been asked to summarize this 3 year program of restoration and preservation of this important and significant building in Castine, Maine. It is our conclusion that your work is the best of all the projects that have occurred in Castine in recent years. Not only is the quality of work at the highest level, but your costs have been competitive and your estimates very good. . . .which helped our budget planning. In terms of costs of the various repair and rebuild projects you helped us find ways to save considerable dollars. Your completion of projects has been timely. You have been responsive as well as flexible to meet changing needs as projects progress. You have become a part of our team and we hope to continue using your expert advise and skills whenever possible. Thank you from the entire congregation."
 -Deane Richardson, Building and Grounds Chair, UUCC

"Dear Dan, thank you for renewing our house. What a fine worker you are!
 - J .S.

"Everyone raves about our house. Send new clients by if you want. We would be glad to show them your work."
 - J. Sargentville

"Dan, Thanks for cleaning up the shop; I didn't expect that. The place looks great and Mindy and I would be happy to serve as references in the future.... Cheers and thanks again,"
 - Dick
"The work done by Dan Bergin and his crew is professional and top notch in every way. Dan is approachable and communicative; crew are considerate, conscientious, and creative. They know how to work around the weather in order to keep to the proposed schedule without cutting any corners on the quality of the work. The process was thorough beyond my imagining and the end result is beautiful."
- N.R., Brooklin

"We were delighted with our experience using Dan Bergin. He was professional, courteous, on time and on budget. We would recommend using Dan for your job without hesitation."  
- Lory Kevin Childress, Castine

"You've done such a good job, one that was difficult. Also, you are such a nice guy - honest, dependable, hard working, and meticulous. If you ever need a recommendation, I will give you a good one. You may send people to look at your work. Many thanks and gratitude."
 - A. J., Stonington, ME

"Thanks for being prompt, courteous, and very pleasant. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I would be pleased to give you a recommendation."
 - J. B., Massachusetts & Deer Isle

"Dear Dan, thanks again for the wonderful job you did on both my houses. I could not be happier."
 - Dick

"Thank you for getting our house painted before the winter weather arrived."
- M.K.

"Dan: the house looks great. Thank you."
 - Paul

"You are awesome. Thank you Dan!"
 - A.W.

"The house looks great! Thank you."
 - George S.

"Dan, thank you."
 - Duncan

"Thanks a lot!!... Great job! -You can use Joe and I as a reference any time. Thank you,"
 - Dorie

"Thank you Dan, the room looks great!"
 - Maren

"You've been great!"
 - The M's, East Blue Hill